Opening Marutama Ramen
Opening Marutama Ramen
14 February 2020

Irashaimase! Authentic from Japan, Marutama Ra-men finally open their 4th outlet at #LotteAvenue. Marutama Ra-men is unique style of Japanese ra-men made from 100% pure chicken broth, tori-paitan, with no MSG at all. Tori-paitan being extracted entirely from chicken, is plentiful in collagen and extremely flavourful. Also Marutama Ra-men has Tamago that voted as “The Best Tamago in Japan!”. Their protein-rich tamago is made fresh daily to gain its delicious taste and juicy texture.
Check out their instagram @marutamaramen for latest information and visit them at Lotte Avenue 3rd Floor Unit 3F-C23

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